Let's reinvent the wheel.. Yes! Let's build a search platform like Google.. LET'S NOT!

Have you come across the statement “Don’t reinvent the wheel”? Yes, we definitely know what it means, but as a Developer, you WANT to reinvent it, don’t you?

New Year Resolution (2021)

So here I am at the start of year 2021, which I assume a lot were really looking forward to, especially how 2020 went by with the Pandemic driving everyone...

Horn NOT OK Please

Mumbai with a population of over 12.8M has drivers and riders on the streets with just one thought - “When in doubt, HONK!!”. For some reason people think honking will...


Serve multiple services with single load balancer on AWS

Using a microservices architecture, serve multiple services from a single Application Load balancer On AWS. Here is how you can have a single domain serve multiple services where each service...

Associate multiple SSL certificates with a single load balancer within a CloudFormation template

Did you know AWS supports associating multiple SSL certificates to a Single Load balancer listener? Here is how you can do that in a CloudFormation template.

Angular and AWS CodeBuild not playing nicely? Here is how to make them friends

You are using AWS as your cloud platform and you decide to write your Website in Angular, everything works fine on your local machine. Great! Now it’s time to integrate...

Docker: failed to export/create/get image

Docker build failed with error failed to export image: failed to create image: failed to get layer. Here is how I solved it.