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Serve multiple services with single load balancer on AWS

Using a microservices architecture, serve multiple services from a single Application Load balancer On AWS. Here is how you can have a single domain serve multiple services where each service...

Let's reinvent the wheel.. Yes! Let's build a search platform like Google.. LET'S NOT!

Have you come across the statement “Don’t reinvent the wheel”? Yes, we definitely know what it means, but as a Developer, you WANT to reinvent it, don’t you?

Docker: failed to export/create/get image

Docker build failed with error failed to export image: failed to create image: failed to get layer. Here is how I solved it.

New Year Resolution (2021)

So here I am at the start of year 2021, which I assume a lot were really looking forward to, especially how 2020 went by with the Pandemic driving everyone...

Horn NOT OK Please

Mumbai with a population of over 12.8M has drivers and riders on the streets with just one thought - “When in doubt, HONK!!”. For some reason people think honking will...